Mark System

DJ. Producer. Media Composer. London & Ibiza.

"He's so impeccably honed his sound that a System track can be recognised a mile off". DJ Mag.

Suburban North London, the location of Mark System's family home where he spent his formative years, is symbolic. Inspired by the city's pirate radio stations, the young composer, performer, and musician experimented with keyboards, microphones, and tape.

Making a name for himself as an MC in the capital's club and radio scenes, he rose to prominence in the late '90s and early '00s. This, in turn, would result in performances throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Meanwhile, his own music had gained popularity and support from the scene's tastemakers, including Shy FX, who took him under his wing. Mark's subsequent collaboration with Digital Soundboy Recording Company resulted in a number of high-profile remixes and solo projects for the label.

Exit Records and dBridge, both longtime supporters of Mark's work, cemented their allegiance by publishing his debut album, "Final Approach”, in the spring of 2015.

Mark has condensed his expertise as a producer and DJ, into the essentials in order to make a statement. His music is mature and assured, but not tamed. The intensity of his DJ sets elicits strong emotions. They are edgy and yet accessible.

His ever-expanding ambitions now drive him back to experimentation, which will allow him to fully utilise his musicianship, flair, and imagination.

Speak with the man himself and you’ll find him modest and reserved, preferring to talk about his passion over his many musical accomplishments.

Optix, Near Miss and Wanna Dance (Metalheadz) are some of his most well-known and influential works.